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A Short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson

EAN:  9781784161859
Publicatiedatum:   23-01-2020
Formaat:  Paperback / softback
Taal:  Engels
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Bill Bryson describes himself as a reluctant traveller, but even when he stays safely at home he can't contain his curiosity about the world around him. A Short History of Nearly Everything is his quest to understand everything that has happened from the Big Bang to the rise of civilization - how we got from there, being nothing at all, to here, being us. Bill Bryson's challenge is to take subjects that normally bore the pants off most of us, like geology, chemistry and particle physics, and see if there isn't some way to render them comprehensible to people who have never thought they could be interested in science.

    EAN: 9781784161859
    Uitgever: Ballantine Books
    Publicatiedatum:   23-01-2020
    Formaat: Paperback / softback
    Taal: Engels
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    Aantal bladzijden: 672