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The Machine Age

Engels | 02-11-2023 | 320 pagina's



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A sweeping history of and meditation on humanity's relationship with machines, showing how we got here and what happens next


EAN :9780241244616
Uitgever :Penguin Books Ltd
Publicatiedatum :  02-11-2023
Formaat :Hardback
Taal :Engels
Hoogte :163 mm
Breedte :242 mm
Dikte :36 mm
Gewicht :600 gr
Voorraad : Bestelbaar
Aantal bladzijden :320
Trefwoorden :  business books; non fiction books; big data; ai book; the new leviathans; john gray; max tegmark; the coming wave; mustafa suleyman; keynes; future of work; james gleick; ray kurzweil; elon musk; technology books; capitalism; ai; superintelligence; coding; artificial intelligence; machine learning; economics; technology; politics; innovation; culture