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What You Are Looking for is in the Library

Engels | 10-08-2023 | 256 pagina's



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THE JAPANESE BESTSELLING NOVEL SHORTLISTED FOR THE JAPAN BOOKSELLERS' AWARD 'I definitely want to visit this library. I feel kinder after this book' 5***** Reader review 'It made me laugh and cry. It made me feel comforted and warm inside' 5***** Reader review 'Wonderful. It made me look for connection in my life' 5***** Reader review For fans of The Midnight Library and Before the Coffee Gets Cold, this soul-stirring Japanese novel shows how the perfect book recommendation can help us fulfil our dreams. What are you looking for? So asks Tokyo's most enigmatic librarian to the visitors in her library. For Sayuri Komachi is no ordinary librarian. Sensing exactly what someone is searching for in life, she provides just the book recommendation to help them find it. We meet five visitors at a different crossroads: the restless retail assistant eager to pick up new skills, the mother faced with a demotion at work after maternity leave, the conscientious accountant who yearns to open an antique store, the gifted young manga artist in search of motivation, and a recently retired salaryman on a quest for newfound purpose. After reading Komachi's unique book recommendation, they will soon discover what they need to achieve their dreams. What You Are Looking For is in the Library is about the magic of community libraries and the discovery of connection. Already loved by thousands of readers all over the world, this heart-bursting, inspirational tale shows how, by listening to our hearts, seizing opportunity and reaching out, we too can fulfil our long-held dreams. Which book will you recommend?


EAN :9780857529121
Uitgever :Transworld Publishers Ltd
Vertaler : Alison Watts
Publicatiedatum :  10-08-2023
Formaat :Hardback
Taal :Engels
Hoogte :136 mm
Breedte :205 mm
Dikte :25 mm
Gewicht :318 gr
Voorraad : Bestelbaar
Aantal bladzijden :256
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