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Engels | 06-11-2023 | 144 pagina's



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Six astronauts rotate in their spacecraft above the earth. They are there to collect meteorological data, conduct scientific experiments and test the limits of the human body. But mostly they observe. Together they watch their silent blue planet, circling it sixteen times, spinning past continents and cycling through seasons, taking in glaciers and deserts, the peaks of mountains and the swells of oceans. Endless shows of spectacular beauty witnessed in a single day.

Yet although separated from the worl


EAN :9781787334342
Uitgever :Jonathan Cape (Penguin Random House)
Publicatiedatum :  06-11-2023
Formaat :Hardback
Taal :Engels
Hoogte :204 mm
Breedte :132 mm
Voorraad :Niet bestelbaar
Aantal bladzijden :144
Trefwoorden :  novellen;ruimtevaart;aarde