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Dickens & Prince

Engels | 30-10-2022 | 96 pages




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In Nick Hornby's completely joyous and original new book two great figures share the stage. Charles Dickens and Prince. Two wildly different artists who caught fire and lit up the world in ways no others could. Where did their magic come from? How did they work so hard and produce so much? How did they manage or give in to the restlessness and intensity of their creativity? How did they use it, and did it kill them?

With wit, curiosity and deep admiration Nick Hornby traces their extraordinary lives - from their difficult beginnings to the women they fell for to their limitless energy for work, to their money and the movies - and brilliantly illuminates their very particular kind of genius.


EAN :9780241585252
Editeur :Penguin Group
Publication date :  30-10-2022
Format :Hardback
Language :Engels
Height :204 mm
Width :132 mm
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Pages number :96
Keywords :  prince;dickens charles;essays